Saturday, May 21, 2011

Memorial Day in Austin

mmmm Hot dogs...

We are coming towards one of the best three day weekends of the year. In my office, it is the first major holiday we celebrate, so the first five months of the year are usually spent wishing May 30th would come. Earlier this year I was sent to Austin for training and while roaming the streets we found Frank Hot Dogs and Cold Beer. The name and the logo said enough and I was in the door. Along with artisan sausages such as a Jachalope Dog, they had the glory of all finds, the gluten free hot dog bun. All I can say is that it was heavenly. First, the classic all beef hot dog was really the way to go, but the bun tasted good and didn't fall apart. Finished with a cold Redbridge beer and some corn salad, I was one HAPPY lady. Oh, did I mention they have waffle fries?

Udi's will be releasing GF hot dog and hamburger buns for memorial day, but I doubt I will find one in time to celebrate. I will keep you posted once I find a few this summer and get my grill on.

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