Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Udi's is #1


Saveur magazine recently complied a taste test of gluten free sandwich breads and provided us with their favorites for GF white and whole grain bread. Udi's White Sandwich bread came out on top. This is especially a favorite of mine. I am eager to try the Everybody Eats Baguettes since the recommendation was so great. I remember the Dr. Schar's GF baguettes I had in Paris and I have not been able to find them in the states. They really made for quite the Paris experience.

Coming this May, Udi's will release GF hot dog and hamburger buns for the summer. I just hope I can wait until then.

I will have to say, I am not sure what kind of homemade GF bread the critic is making because I have the worst luck with mine. And for what it cost to make a homemade loaf, I would rather stick with Udi's.

Check it out.

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