Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Learning to Cook

Funny how things work out.

This will sound very sad, but I am not sure that I would have ever learned to cook if two things hadn't happened in my life; 1) Move in with my friends David and Chae; and 2) Meet Greg.  I have the terrible habit that when I am alone, I eat terribly bad. I am not saying that I run for the Cheetos, I just tend to eat random dinner items, such as a can of corn, a pickle, a piece of turkey, etc. It only gets worse from there. I wake up feeling not so great.

When I moved in with my new roommates at the end of my junior year of college, I had no idea who I was moving it with. They had an extra room (covered in dog paw scratches) and it was nearby studio. It turns out that I didn't know much about eating vegetables, interesting ones that is, before that event. They really opened my eyes to fresh food cooking.

The second thing that happened changed my life forever in more ways than one. I also met Greg at the end of my junior year and it turns out that he couldn't stand canned food. I had forever been a fan of canned corn (still am) and green beans. They are still good, but I never took the time to cook fresh items and really experiment with flavors. Over the next 6 years together, I really explored cooking because I finally had people to cook for. Sometimes it's difficult to break out a lasagna just for yourself. Now cooking is one of my greatest pleasures and break from my job that involves staring at screens all day and technical writing.

I hope to continue to explore new recipes and experiment with new styles of cooking, especially as they relate to a gluten free lifestyle. Today I found the awesome cookbook section at the local library and found Lorna J. Sass's book Cooking Under Pressure.  I am really looking forward to some Cuban beans and rice. Cheers and happy cooking.

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