Sunday, September 26, 2010

New York, I Love You


I love to travel. Sometimes my favorite way to travel is by myself. This September, I decided to go back to New York to catch up with some friends and take in the city. During the first two days I was alone most of the time and I really got to the things I wanted to do, which of course meant eating, shopping, and going to the museum. I hadn't been to NY in more than 3 years and what I missed most was the texture of the city. Off the steps of Grand Street station, I could smell the wafting smell of fish from Chinatown and see the mass of people everywhere. It was wonderful and really wish I could visit more. One of the best things about traveling alone during the day is that no one can bug you for having dessert for lunch.

I stopped off at Rice to Riches for some cheesecake rice pudding, which my friend made fun of me for later. It's wonderful and totally worth the heavy cream.

After making my way up to Cooper Union to check out the new campus building, I was actually hungry for real food. Watching the hipster students run around town gets tiring. I found a convenience mart with a salad bar and made a delicious dish. My friend made fun of me for this, as well. 

On Saturday, since we were staying in Brooklyn, the girlfriend I was staying with and I decided to hit up the local farmers market. We had spent $45 the night before on a delicious cuban dinner and needed a dining out break. On the spot, I decided I would make her my butternut squash soup with fresh corn, tomatoes, and scallops. We really hit a home run with this one. This is when I really became jealous of the fact that she is only a block away from a great farmers market. 

The trip turned out to be wonderful and just what I needed to perk back up after a too hot summer. It was amazing that wherever I went, the restaurants were aware of gluten intolerance and were ready with answers. I was even able to eat the most delicious cheesecake of my life (no crust and real cream cheese!). Never be afraid to travel, especially on your own (even if only for part of the time). Before you know it, you will wind up in the gardens at the Museum of Modern art, drinking wine, and talking to an amazing stranger.

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